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Artificial nasties

I think I'm obsessed…either that or they're addictive. :P I've updated and expanded my collection of artificial nasties, so there are now eight in the repertoire, and I've got them rasterised in many different ways.

However, you don't want old-fashioned raster images, do you? They're all done in glorious SVG, and are available as such. If you can't use SVG images, why not download Inkscape? It's Open-Source, and one of the best vector editors out there. :)

Following on from my previous article on StrategyWiki, I've been promoted to bureaucrat there. :D As well as now operating my bot for maintenance of StrategyWiki and running the StrategyWiki cleanup project, I've become involved in coding DSmeet version 2, which should be amazing! (Lots of user-interface stuff, which some would call "web 2.0"; although personally I don't like that phrase.)

Counter-Strike: Source screenshots

I've been working on StrategyWiki a lot recently, on the Counter-Strike: Source page. I've made loads of screenshots and other media for it, and I thought I might share some of it with the wider world. As well as plain screenshots (which aren't very interesting, so I haven't uploaded them), I've made some panoramic ones using QuickTime's QTVR format, and some backgrounds out of the screenshots with some quippy captions.

You can download it all as one archive, or piecemeal: