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A diary program for GNOME: Almanah Diary

tl;dr: I’m giving up maintaining Almanah as it no longer scratches my itch — it’s yours if you want it, but maybe it should die in favour of more modern apps like Lifeograph or Red Notebook.

Almanah Diary is a project I started many years ago for maintaining a personal diary, with encryption and tracking of the events you did that day (from your calendar). It’s been neglected for a long time — given that I no longer use it, I have no incentive to maintain it and improve it, and have only held on to maintainership for so long out of a feeling of duty.

However, having me listed as a maintainer might have been giving people the false impression that it was actually maintained. So I’m removing myself as maintainer, having just made the 0.12.0 release. Álvaro Peña is also listed as a maintainer, but hasn’t been active for over a year. The project is technically now his, but if someone else turns up wanting to work on it, I am happy to add them as a co-maintainer, especially if they are going to revitalise things.

Other diary programs exist, and while I haven’t tried them, Lifeograph and Red Notebook look like they could be much more featureful and maintained than Almanah. Perhaps it’s time for them to be blessed as GNOME apps?

That said, if you want to take over maintenance of Almanah, please be my guest. It’s been ported to Meson, but needs some UI updates and needs flatpacking and putting on flathub.

If you’re interested, please get in touch, or send a merge request through.