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Generate NEWS entries for GitLab projects

I’ve just published a small script to help generating NEWS file entries for projects which use GitLab:


Use it like this:

  1. Generate a GitLab api token at https://gitlab.gnome.org/profile/personal_access_tokens.
  2. Run gitlab-changelog.py GNOME/glib 2.58.2.. -H https://gitlab.gnome.org/ -t ${generated_token}.
  3. Copy the output (below the dashed line) into your NEWS file entry. There are some blanks (indicated by TODO) in the entry which you need to fill in yourself.

The next time you run the script, you don’t need to pass the -H or -t options, as the configuration is saved in ~/.config/gitlab-changelog.ini.

I’ve used it on the last few GLib releases, which have seen a lot of issues fixed and MRs merged, and it sped up writing the NEWS file.

I haven’t tested it on other projects, or other GitLab instances, but it should work with them. Merge requests with improvements are very welcome.