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One of the lovely Austrian trains.

One of the lovely Austrian trains.

It's the end of a busy summer and I've just stumbled over the finishing line with some (very) late patches to Totem for the 2.28 release. Let's hope it's a good one.

This horrendous timing on my behalf for getting around to doing these patches is mainly due to tacking an InterRail trip onto the end of my busiest summer ever. Ten days travelling around sunny Europe with friends went surprisingly well, with only one person attempting to rob us. The highlight of the trip had to be the Austrian train system: easily the best out of the ones we used (French, German, Austrian, Dutch and Belgian). Photos of the trip are up on my PicasaWeb account.

And now for something completely different: university! I've got just under two weeks left before I leave to start my BA in computer science at Gonville and Caius college, Cambridge. The pile of stuff to take with me is starting to grow, all my computers are reinstalled with Fedora (which should hopefully last for three years without needing too much time spent on keeping it going), and most of my former schoolmates have already left for their respective universities.

I don't know how much time I'll have for GNOME stuff — I'll have to see how the workload is when I get there. It is, however, at the top of my free time priority list, along with learning all the funny language Cambridge has for things, punting, debating and drinking Pimm's. OK, I was kidding about the last three.