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Buxton and GPS logging

Last weekend was my training weekend for this summer's World Challenge trip to Chile. My World Challenge team spent two days camping in Buxton, with one of the main exercises being a 17km hike on Saturday.

For the hike, I had my GPS logger turned on, and collected rather a nice log for the round trip. As I alluded to previously, however, I can't find a way to extract the data from the logger on Linux. Since mtkbabel explicitly can't yet support the M-241, I had to extract the logs on Windows. Still, they turned out well.

History meme

philip:~ $ history|awk '{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}'|sort -rn|head
85 exit
80 make
71 jhbuild
45 svn
23 sudo
20 grep
20 bzr
18 cd
17 ./src/diary
17 ./mtkbabel

The large number of calls to mtkbabel are because I was trying to get that to grab logged data off my GPS, somewhat unsuccessfully.