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IM, Contacts & Social hackfest

I'll be heading along to the IM, Contacts & Social hackfest next week at Collabora's offices. There, a plan for world domination by libfolks will be forged, along with plotting around GNOME's new SSO overlord system and work on the much-awaited GNOME Contacts.

Should be fun!

Relatedly, I've just released libgdata 0.9.0, which has sprouted support for OAuth 1.0 — so hopefully some GNOME Online Accounts goodness will soon make it into Evolution's Google Contacts and Calendar backends.

Evolution kicks the libgdata-google habit

So, after a year of blood, sweat and tears repeatedly appearing at exactly the wrong time to get my patches in, I've finally managed to commit my patches to Evolution and evolution-data-server to port it to use libgdata rather than its home-grown libgdata-google library. Since Evolution has switched to using CalDAV for its Google Calendar backend, libgdata is just used for the Google Contacts backend. This is the first outing into the big scary world of popular usage for libgdata's Google Contacts support, so any and all testing of the changes would be appreciated.

In the meantime, I'll get back to looking at adding support for any additional features/contact fields I can to the Google Contacts backend.