Village hall

The village hall booking system is a piece of software I wrote as practice for my AS-level computing coursework. The specification for the 2006 syllabus (what I had to do as practice) can be found on the AQA website has been archived by the Wayback machine.

The brief was (in short) to create a piece of software to automate and ease management of the booking of an average village hall. I (naturally) chose to do mine as a web-based system, to better facilitate public viewing of bookings, as I believed that it was essential that the public could see what they were double-booking before doing so.

It took about two months to code, working from the ground up (but using my standard libraries for things like database access and session management). It uses icons from the Tango project, but the rest of the interface design was performed by myself.

A dump of the project code is available for download, though I don't intend to provide support and definitely don't guarantee it's secure or fit for purpose. This was only an AS-level project!