The main window of MCUS 0.3.0.MCUS is a microcontroller simulator I'm writing as a learning aid for my electronics classes at school. It simulates a microcontroller as defined by the OCR A2 Electronics specification. It depends only on GTK+ 2.18, GLib 2.16 and GtkSourceView 2.0, and features useful code editing features, such as syntax and error highlighting, as well as limited context-sensitive help for errors. It also features step-through debugging, as well as variable clock speed. It can be compiled for Windows without too much hassle (allegedly). As of version 0.2.0, it's packaged with an installer for Windows.

Please report any bugs to me via my contact page.

Version 0.3.0

You can download the tarball, or get the git tree from Gitlab:

git clone

Windows packages

Windows logoSince version 0.2, MCUS has had a Windows installer and ZIP package. The installer will install all the files, create a shortcut in the start menu, associate the program with *.asm files, and add an entry to uninstall MCUS in Add/Remove Programs.

The ZIP package is simply a flat-file package of the installation directory, for network installations, or installation from a disk image (common in schools).

Ubuntu packages

Ubuntu logoA Ubuntu package has been built for version 0.2.2, and resides in my personal package archive on Note that this is for an old version, and there aren't any packages for the latest release.


MCUS can be grabbed from git:

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