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Revamp, GTK+ apps on Windows and more documentation

I've just finished converting the site to use WordPress instead of the custom software I'd previously been using. It'd been getting too time-consuming to keep everything maintained and up-to-date with the latest things going on on the Internet, and I'd been reduced to making posts via phpMyAdmin due to various things breaking. Hopefully, this should be better, and a lot less hassle to keep running. I apologise if the transition has messed up the feed for anyone, but I've tried my hardest to redirect all the old URLs, so things should keep working as before.

Recently, I had to compile my computing coursework for Windows, as the person for whom it's written only uses Windows. Much to my delight, once I'd figured out the terminology and basic principles, getting it to cross-compile for Windows using MinGW was quite easy! Since I couldn't find much documentation on the process while doing it, I've written up the steps I took, and perhaps someone else will find them useful.

Last month, I also managed to write up some API documentation for totem-pl-parser, which has been on the to-do list for a little while. It was quite easy to get the hang of gtk-doc, too, and once I'd got started, the documentation got done quite quickly. If anyone's implementing anything using totem-pl-parser, I'd appreciate any feedback on the usefulness of the documentation, as it can always be improved.

Site update and CSS Naked Day

It might sound like rather an odd title, but I will be participating in CSS Naked Day on the fifth of April this year.

This basically involves cutting off the site from its protective stylesheets, so that people can experience the markup good and raw. Personally, I find this a great idea — this really fits in with my semantics (etc.) evangelism/fanboyism. This means that if you're on the site on the fifth of April, it will look somewhat different to what you might've been expecting. Nothing to worry about. ;)

In other news, I've pushed forward my latest update to the site so that I can do the Naked Day without much hassle. It includes semantics improvements, lots of new icons courtesy of (I'm using the "Silk" set), new search functionality (give it a try; it's on the left!), a projects page, and various usual under-the-bonnet improvements. :)

More updates

It seems that every other post is an update to the site, but that's how things are.

This time, I've gone so far as to move domains (my other host was getting on my nerves), and fix some of the issues surrounding the site (such as the comment thread display problem: a simple case of "replace NULL with 0").

More updates, and an apology

As is plainly obvious from the renovated skin, I've made some more updates to my blog.

Due to a rather unfortunate accident which occurred over the weekend, the last version of this site was completely nuked from within – my Fasterfox extension was preloading links in the background, including the "delete" links for my blog posts. Rather...unfortunate.

Because of this, I've moved the schedule forward for this latest version of my blog, and uploaded it. Due to this updated schedule, I'm sure there are some unironed bugs, but they'll get stamped out as fast as possible.

The most prominent new feature would have to be the updated skin, but there is an awful lot of new Javascript in this incarnation, which is half-working, but I'm rather proud of it regardless.

Some more changes...

This post was unfortunately deleted recently, but the general gist is here.

This post was a notification of the last load of updates to this website, now overwritten by the most recent load. It was unfortunately deleted as the result of a rather sticky accident, and cannot be retrieved.


Just a little update...

I've recently acquired two more computers...both quite old (pre-1998). I'm planning on running Debian on them as testing servers. Maybe I'll get around to installing it sometime. ;)

I'm still working on Helios, and ironing out the tiny little niggling bugs that I can't stand to put in a beta release. :P

I'm currently working on rewriting the database creation system, as the way it stores the entries is appaling.

In a darker tone, I've had to implement IP tracking/banning, and some heavier spam prevention as I have started to attract brainless little pillocks to my site.

Some changes...

I've been slogging hard all day (mostly battling mod_rewrite), and I've managed to add several new features to the website. :D

The CSS has been spruced up, I've added a little bio and Creative Commons license. I've reorganised some of the backend a bit, and added threaded comments. However! I think the largest thing I've done is to convert the entire site over to SEO-URLs: search-engine-friendly URLs, courtesy of mod_rewrite.

Why I moved away from Nucleus...

I have just read an interesting article on Rakaz's blog, about how Nucleus CMS could be improved.

I used Nucleus for a while as my blog system. I admit, it was a nifty little piece of software. However, it did not have the inbuilt functionality I wanted: trackbacks, and several smaller features. Instead, these core functions had to be added through plugins. The Nucleus plugin system is quite a clever thing, but it isn't nearly clever enough to be used to add core functionality.

Another reason why I switched was because the templating system wasn't too easy to use, at all. In fact, it was downright confusing: the interface was jumbled and all over the place, and there was a distinct lack of inline documentation.

A further reason why I switched, was because it really isn't very good for a professional web developer to be using someone else's product to power his own website; he should really be creating his own product.

Welcome back!

Welcome back! The drboblog has (yet another) new face, and hopefully this one will stay for a while!

Please bear with me whilst I painstakingly transfer all the old blog posts to my new bespoke system, and write up some new ones: I have some great articles on XHTML, XML, XSL, and other such technologies planned.