Hitori available as an xdg-app preview

I’ve been playing a bit with xdg-app recently, and just spent half an hour packaging Hitori as an xdg-app bundle. It was remarkably easy — in fact, it only took 7 commands.

If you want to install it, make sure you’ve got xdg-app installed, then:

# Install http://sdk.gnome.org/keys/gnome-sdk.gpg to /usr/share/ostree/trusted.gpg.d first
# Then set up the runtimes (if you haven’t already)
xdg-app add-remote --user gnome-sdk http://sdk.gnome.org/repo/
xdg-app install-runtime --user gnome-sdk org.gnome.Platform 3.18
xdg-app install-runtime --user gnome-sdk org.freedesktop.Platform 1.2
# Add the repository for Hitori, then install it
xdg-app add-remote --user --no-gpg-verify pwithnall-hitori https://people.collabora.co.uk/~pwith/xdg-app/repos/hitori/
xdg-app install-app --user pwithnall-hitori org.gnome.Hitori
# Play the game!
xdg-app run org.gnome.Hitori

What works?

  • Playing the game
  • Use of X11
  • Icons
  • Desktop file

What doesn’t work (yet)?

  • GSettings access (I may have misconfigured this, because it’s supposed to work)
  • Help manual

I don’t plan to support this repository especially well, since it was just for playing around, but it shows that xdg-app is coming along nicely!

One thought on “Hitori available as an xdg-app preview

  1. Alexander Larsson

    DConf needs more work to be sandboxable. It relies on being able to read /run/user/$uid/dconf/user which contains every apps configuration. At the moment we automatically put this into the sandbox if you have homedir access, so if you add "--filesystem=home" to build-finish it should work.

    Clearly this needs more work though, because that makes sandboxing a no-op..

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