Avatars for Google Contacts in Evolution

Following on from group/category support, I've just merged support for setting and retrieving avatars/photos on Google Contacts from Evolution. There are still a few rough edges, but hopefully I'll get time to tidy those up before GNOME 3.2.

“I'm going to Desktop Summit 2011 in Berlin” bannerI'll be arriving on the 5th, spending a day hurriedly seeing absolutely everything there is to see in Berlin, then diving into the conference on Saturday. I'm leaving on the 12th.

For anybody interested in contacts, meta-contacts, individuals, personas and inventing words to make your software sound more impressive, there's a folks BoF happening at some point on Wednesday (not Thursday as the schedule says, since Travis has to leave beforehand). More details will follow, hopefully, in the libfolks talk on Saturday, 11:20–11:50 in Room 2002.

One thought on “Avatars for Google Contacts in Evolution

  1. Peter

    That sounds like a cool new feature for Evo. And as much as I like Evo and appreciate all your and other devs hard work on making Evo better, it amazes me that Evo still does not have support for Multiple Identities like Thunderbird has. This has been requested eons ago. I gave up on Evo a long time ago and switched to TB but I hope to see Multiple Identities one day in Evo. Nevertheless thank you for your much appreciated contribution.

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