GUADEC's nearly here!

Less than a week from now GUADEC 2010 will have started: a week of talks, work and partying in The Hague! This doesn't happen by magic, though, and we're still looking for volunteers to help the week run smoothly. We need just a few more heralds, particularly for Thursday and Friday, to announce each speaker, keep time, ensure that the speaker has what they need, and help out with the changeover between speakers. Volunteering to herald for just one morning or afternoon would be a great help, and the only requirement is that you can spend the entirety of that morning or afternoon in one room. With the interesting talks on this year's schedule, this should be possible!

If you want to help out but don't fancy heralding, there's always more which can be done! In either case, please leave a comment below or e-mail with your availability.

I am attending GUADEC