Helping out at GUADEC 2010

GUADEC's approaching fast, and we're looking for volunteers to act as heralds in each room; announcing each speaker, keeping time, ensuring that the speaker has what they need, and helping out with the changeover between speakers.

Volunteers are needed for the three main rooms (Paris, Copenhagen and Seville) for the three core days of GUADEC, plus for the GNOME Open Desktop Day in the Seville room. Each heralding slot is half a day long, which you'd spend in one room, attending to the talks for that morning or afternoon. We're flexible about which rooms people are assigned to, so if you want to help out but don't want to miss a particular talk, we can try and get you heralding in the right room for it!

Anybody who helps out with heralding will get a warm fuzzy feeling and an exclusive shiny new t-shirt. If you want your very own warm fuzzy feeling (and t-shirt), please leave a comment below or e-mail with your availability and any preference you have as to rooms or times.

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