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libgdata 0.4.0 released

This blog seems to be an endless stream of release announcements, which is unfortunate. Here's another one!

libgdata 0.4.0 has just been released. This release brings support for PicasaWeb and Google Documents, courtesy of Richard Schwarting and Thibault Saunier, respectively. The core API is slowing tending towards becoming stable, and the changes to the core API in this release should (hopefully) be the last really disruptive ones.

In a desparate attempt to make this post more than just a release announcement, here's a little update on my work experience with Red Hat. Things are going well; I've spent a while doing hardware testing, and I'm now doing some code review in anticipation of being given something else interesting to do tomorrow.

Back from GCDS

With GCDS winding down on Friday, I made my way home on Saturday (again, courtesy of those nice people at the GNOME Foundation), and got back sometime late in the evening, thankfully without Iberia-caused delays. The conference was good, and it was great to meet more of those interesting people from all over the planet. I even managed to get some work done, with Thibault Saunier's Google Documents branch for libgdata landing in master sometime in the next few days.

Next up: four weeks of work experience at Red Hat UK. I'm currently occupying some stranger's house in a foreign part of the country, ready for my first day in Farnborough tomorrow. Should be fun.

Rogues' gallery

So far in my travels, I have met, for the first time, many gnomeshackers. One of the people I met was Tim-Philipp Müller and… Two of the people I've met were Tim-Philipp Müller, Matthew Garrett and Lennart Poettering… Amongst the many people I've met are such (in)famous hackers as: Vincent Untz, Alexander Larsson, Germán Póo Caamaño, Tim-Philipp Müller, Lennart Poettering, Matthew Garrett…

The truth is, there are too many people to name (and listing more would just destroy the joke). The conference is going great, apart from a minor incident with some snails, and I've enjoyed the talks I've been to so far.

Somehow, miraculously, my lightning talk on libgdata (slides) went OK (as far as I was concerned), and it even resulted in someone coming and talking to me about libgdata. How brilliant is that?

Still, my littlebig library pales in comparison to some of the interesting things which are being shown off at GCDS. Here's to GNOME 3.0!

Gran Canaria!

Here I am, somehow successfully arrived in Gran Canaria, despite Iberia's best efforts. My first plane was delayed not quite long enough to give me hope that I'd catch my connection, but just too long for me to do so comfortably. Thankfully, the second plane was also delayed, so my running down the entire length of Madrid's Terminal 4 was somewhat unnecessary.

A GNOME Foundation sponsorship badge.

A GNOME Foundation sponsorship badge.

How am I here? I'm only here because of the nice people at the GNOME Foundation, who decided to sponsor me. Thank you, nice people!