GCDS 2009

With my exams now finished (all 19 hours of them), it's time to look forward to GCDS 2009. In a fit of madness, I signed up to do a lightning talk on "libgdata and web integration", which will take place in the Synphonic Hall sometime between 15:30 and 16:30 on Saturday. If anyone wants a laugh at my expense, please turn up.

I was wondering if anyone attending GCDS was planning on going hiking in the mountains of Gran Canaria. To me, that would be more appealing than the arranged tourist outing, and some company would be welcome. I was thinking the Thursday would be most suitable, but I don't have any plans at this stage.

4 thoughts on “GCDS 2009

  1. Benjamin Otte

    You should make sure to find a nice area if you go hiking. I wasn't very expressed by the hikes in the center mountains of the island and neither was my girlfriend.
    Though the western (and the northern?) coastlines are supposed to be nice for this with lonesome beautiful beaches to pass.

    But Gran Canaria is a beach island, so I'll definitely not go hiking there. 🙂

  2. lasse saetre

    @Benjamin What are you talking about? The center of the island is stunningly beautiful. Phillip I would definitely recommend that you try it out. My party is taking a week after GUADEC to do just this.

  3. Juanje Ojeda

    Hi Philip (and the rest),

    I was born in Gran Canaria and I used to do hiking and rock climbing here. There are a lot of beaches here and some are really beautiful, but I think Gran Canaria is more about the mountain than about the beaches...

    Anyways, I'll be here for the GCDS if anyone want info about the rutes and so, just ask me. We can also propose a new activity of hiking. If we do so, I could offer myself as a guide. if you want.

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