End of the beginning

It's been a week now since I had my last ever lessons and left school for good. I've been at that school for seven years now, and it's a little weird knowing I'm never again going to have to go back there (apart from exams). I'm now on exam leave, leading up to A-level exams throughout June. After that, I'm free!

The last seven years have been fairly good, on the whole. I made some good friends, learnt a fair bit, and amassed a collection of award ties which is almost into double figures. The school does seem to have a fetish for giving out ties.

What's next? A summer of partyingwork, leading up to university next year, assuming I get the grades in the coming exams. For that reason I might be out of contact quite a bit for the next month, partyingstudying.

In other news, I released libgdata 0.3.0 a few days ago, which features a lot of cleanup work, plus an access control list framework contributed by Thibault Saunier as part of his GSoC work on Nautilus.