So long, and thanks for all the biscuits

After seven-and-a-half years, my time as a member of the West Haddon Players has come to an end. I've just come back from the set break of their latest production, and the first play in a couple of years where I haven't been doing lights and sound. The time I've spent with the Players has been great fun, and it's sad to have to leave, but university beckons.

During my time with the Players, I've seen the purchase of a new mixer, a new dimmer unit, a progression of wireless microphones, and permanent wiring in our village hall. I doubt I'd fully recognise how we do things now if I were to go back in time (as one does) to when I first started with the Players.

In the style of Duke Nukem Forever, here's a list of things which have happened during my time with the Players:

  • The Euro has come into circulation
  • Afghanistan and Iraq have been invaded, and subsequently withdrawn from
  • Mark Shuttleworth went into space
  • Space shuttle Columbia disintegrated
  • SARS, BSE, foot and mouth, Avian flu and Swine flu have all threatened the entire human race, then promptly disappeared again
  • Volkswagen Beetles ceased to be manufactured
  • Concorde was taken out of service
  • HAL was envisioned, developed, and is now being retired
  • The Pirate Bay was launched, and has only just been caught up with by the authorities
  • Facebook was launched
  • Ubuntu was first released
  • Oracle has bought everybody out
  • YouTube was launched
  • The A380 design was finished and the aircraft manufactured and launched
  • The Wii was released
  • Windows Vista was released and subsequently tanked
  • The UK economy died
  • The LHC was completed, and subsequently dismantled itself

It's been great, and I wish them the best of success in future. Here endeth the self-indulgent blog post.

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