I went with a friend to see Motörhead in Leicester last night, and it was an awesome gig. Danko Jones and Saxon were supporting, and while I'll give Danko Jones a miss in future, Saxon were great, even if their intro was sickeningly patriotic.

Motörhead themselves were absolutely amazing, playing a variety of stuff: new, old and classic. Mikkey did a fairly hefty drum solo (easily the loudest part of a concert from which my right ear still hasn't stopped ringing), and they managed to fit an acoustic number in, with Lemmy playing the harmonica. I'm told by a friend (whose uncle works for the venue) that Motörhead reached 118dB before the encore, which is not bad at all.

2 thoughts on “Motörhead

  1. Steve Lee

    > that Motörhead reached 118dB

    hehe they're obviously getting older. I went to see them in the Overkill and Bomber tours and was glad I was not right next to the speakers. But then Girls School where too far away to see clearly

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