Matchstick train finished

The matchstick train with its coal tender.I have been led to believe I started this model matchstick train nine years ago (when I was eight); a present from my grandmother. I'm pleased to say it's now finished!

Of course, that wasn't nine years of hard work. Anybody would be hard-pressed to get me to do that; it was an initial spurt of activity, followed by years of bits of the model just sitting on a shelf. I picked up construction again last year, and I've been working on it on and off since then.

Unfortunately, it's not as well-built as it could be, with several of the structural parts of the model not being square (or even flat, in places) due to mistakes I made all those years ago. Still, I think it's turned out OK!

Next, I think I'll finish off all those Airfix models I've neglected over the years. There are about three helicopters in various stages of misassembly or decay waiting for some love.

In GNOME news, I'm hacking on getting YouTube upload support into Conduit, with the eventual aim of adding a Conduit plugin in Totem to allow video upload to any supported video website. I've been having awful trouble with the Python GData API (again), but I think it's just about sorted now. I got the first video uploaded ten minutes ago, and it's cleanup from here on!

6 thoughts on “Matchstick train finished

  1. Karl Lattimer

    Well done...

    You eventually managed to put it together 😀

    However, after all these years of leaving these things in a partially completed state does this not tell you something?

    For me it says, "I'm avoiding as best I can getting something that's really important done" 😀

    1. Philip Withnall Post author

      I'd like to think there are more important things in life than assembling matchstick trains, but sadly you're right. I've spent nine years procrastinating when I should've been devoting my time to this!

  2. david harding

    hi Philip I am a avid matchbuilder and have built a 6foot model of tower bridge among other things. and i think your model of the train is great.and that you should have a go at building another one but dont take as long? all the best David

  3. daveg

    nice looking model phillip . Am just starting a 10 inch diametre ,40inch long model of flying scotsman train with matchsticks. just finished 20 inch alaskan yukon white pass model train/

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