Diary version 0.2

Using my exam leave productively, I've tidied up and released version 0.2 of my diary editor. This version fixes the crash some people were getting with version 0.1, and introduces database encryption and printing support.

The new version should seamlessly upgrade plaintext databases to encrypted ones, and uses the key from /desktop/pgp/default_key in GConf. If you don't want encryption support ā€“ perhaps, for example, as it depends on GPGME ā€“ you can compile with --disable-encryption.

The printing support allows you to print the entries in a specified date range in a simple format ā€” nothing suitable for binding for posterity's sake, unfortunately. It's there nonetheless.

Get the Bazaar branch from my website with bzr branch -r tag:V_0_2_0 http://tecnocode.co.uk/diary, from Launchpad, or download the tarball!

8 thoughts on “Diary version 0.2

    1. Philip Withnall Post author

      Have you built with encryption support? If so, has it asked you for your passphrase by that point?

      If you get the latest bzr revision I've fixed the crasher bug you first mentioned.

  1. Darren

    Well, you know what. I think I m gonna bookmark this site. lol. x Good luck in your Physics. lol. x

  2. Antono Vasiljev

    no, i haven't been asked for password šŸ™

    and i fixed the mentioned problem in my local branch by connecting gtk_main_quit with destroy signal on diary->main_window šŸ™‚ (patch emailed).

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