Abigail's Party

We've now cleared away the set from another WHP production, this time of Abigail's Party (photos!). I can't say it was the best play I've ever done; it was a departure from the normal type of comedy play we do, and although change is nice, I wouldn't want to do another like this. I did not really find it funny, and while the five actors were doing phenomenally on stage, the script itself was what I didn't like. That said, the audiences on all three nights appeared to really enjoy it, so perhaps I'm being too critical.

I was quite disappointed with how the lighting came out, and that's entirely my fault. Having set it all up and gone through the dress rehearsal, I adjusted it to cover the few dark spots there were, and thought that was the end of it. However, by the time we were half-way through the first performance it was obvious to me that there were still some not-inconsiderable dark spots in a few areas which bugged me throughout. They weren't bad enough for the audience to notice (as far as I could tell), but were in no way dismissable.

In GNOME news, I've been unable to do anything except bug triaging for the past few weeks, due to a combination of exam revision and this play. Once my exams are over (in another couple of weeks), I hope to be back to working on Totem, ready for a GIO-filled 2.24 release.