Monthly Archives: May 2008

High-resolution YouTube videos

It took a little longer than I'd have liked, considering the simplicity of the patch, but I've finally added support for high-resolution videos in Totem's YouTube plugin.


Korpiklaani\'s Wooden Pints in low resolution.

Korpiklaani\'s Wooden Pints in high resolution.

On the top is the old, low-resolution video, and on the bottom is the spiffy new high-resolution video, automatically downloaded using YouTube's fmt=18 option if your connection speed is set to 1.5Mbps or higher. As per Bastien's testing, we can't use the fmt=6 option due to it not being supported for many videos.

The difference may not be immediately obvious due to the window being so small for the screenshot, but it is visible — just look at the left-hand side of the hut's roof. Enjoy.

Diary version 0.2

Using my exam leave productively, I've tidied up and released version 0.2 of my diary editor. This version fixes the crash some people were getting with version 0.1, and introduces database encryption and printing support.

The new version should seamlessly upgrade plaintext databases to encrypted ones, and uses the key from /desktop/pgp/default_key in GConf. If you don't want encryption support – perhaps, for example, as it depends on GPGME – you can compile with --disable-encryption.

The printing support allows you to print the entries in a specified date range in a simple format — nothing suitable for binding for posterity's sake, unfortunately. It's there nonetheless.

Get the Bazaar branch from my website with bzr branch -r tag:V_0_2_0, from Launchpad, or download the tarball!

Abigail's Party

We've now cleared away the set from another WHP production, this time of Abigail's Party (photos!). I can't say it was the best play I've ever done; it was a departure from the normal type of comedy play we do, and although change is nice, I wouldn't want to do another like this. I did not really find it funny, and while the five actors were doing phenomenally on stage, the script itself was what I didn't like. That said, the audiences on all three nights appeared to really enjoy it, so perhaps I'm being too critical.

I was quite disappointed with how the lighting came out, and that's entirely my fault. Having set it all up and gone through the dress rehearsal, I adjusted it to cover the few dark spots there were, and thought that was the end of it. However, by the time we were half-way through the first performance it was obvious to me that there were still some not-inconsiderable dark spots in a few areas which bugged me throughout. They weren't bad enough for the audience to notice (as far as I could tell), but were in no way dismissable.

In GNOME news, I've been unable to do anything except bug triaging for the past few weeks, due to a combination of exam revision and this play. Once my exams are over (in another couple of weeks), I hope to be back to working on Totem, ready for a GIO-filled 2.24 release.