Project announcement: Hitori

It's announcement time! I'd like to announce a little game I've been working on for a week or so (on and off), written because I found this amazing puzzle in a newspaper called Hitori.

A screenshot of Hitori.

Hitori is quite similar in style to Sudoku; probably because both are published by Nikoli. The objective is to remove cells from the grid so that only one of each digit remains in each column and row. However, you can't shade two touching cells, and all the unshaded cells must be connected.

I wrote an application to let you play Hitori on the computer, called – funnily enough – Hitori. At the moment, it supports board generation (algorithm courtesy of a mathematical friend of mine), full validation of solutions against the three rules, hint support, undo/redo, and two different ways of "tagging" cells as you work out the puzzle, to make it a little easier.

Version 0.1 is available as a source download, or you can pull the latest revision from the Bazaar repository at by executing the following commands:

mkdir hitori
cd hitori
bzr init --dirstate-tags
bzr pull

I've updated the commands to reflect the fact that the repository needs tag support.

If anybody's got any suggestions for features, the only things I'm thinking of adding at the moment are:

  • A shiny icon, if somebody could help me out with it!
  • Support for different board sizes.
  • Looking into themeable colours (or at least making sure the way they're done is HIG-compliant, because at the moment the RGB values are hardcoded).

That's it! If you've got any feedback, comment below, or contact me. :)

5 thoughts on “Project announcement: Hitori

      1. Philip Post author

        Oh, I should've mentioned (sorry). It requires GTK+ >=2.11 because it uses the new GtkBuilder API for loading the UI, meaning I don't have to depend on libglade. GTK+ 2.12 has just been released, so it should hit Portage sometime soon Nathan.

      1. Philip Post author

        Wow, that's nice! It's a little slow, but their "solve" and "advice" buttons are quite nice; I might consider upgrading the hint functionality in my version to show people what it's doing. That would require a rewrite of what I've got so far for hinting, though. :(

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