Hello Planet!

Hello Planet GNOME!

I'm Philip, 16-year-old programmer and GNOME user from England. Although I've been using GNOME for a while, I think it's only been a year I've been helping out. I've mostly been dealing with Totem bugs, and doing various other things to Totem; probably the most notable things I've done is adding Python and Vala support to Totem's plugin system, and convert the whole of Totem to use GtkBuilder, both of which are changes debuting in 2.20. :D

Some of you may have seen me at GUADEC; I was the lost-looking one without a laptop. ;) I was there for the full duration of the event, and enjoyed it a lot, even if I didn't manage to take full opportunity to make more friends.

As far as personal life goes, I do a lot of web development (probably evident if you look at my previous posts. I've just finished the compulsory part of my education, gaining these grades, and I've now got two more years in full-time education before I hopefully go off to university, probably to study computer science. Away from school and computers I'm into hockey and model making.

Finally, if anybody manages to break anything on this site, please tell me, as I've only just upgraded the site, so there are probably still a few kinks to work out (Jeff noticed my feeds were slightly broken when he added me to planet, for example). :)

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