GUADEC post-mortem

GUADEC is over, and I'm back home. A lot went on at GUADEC, and I'm quite pleased to have been able to get there and be part of it.

I met loads of people I'd previously only known online, as well as seeing quite a few of the more (in)famous ones, such as the Internet's Jono Bacon and Federico.

The beginning of the conference was a bit marred for me by the lack of a laptop, so I was unable to join in the hacking. A few days in though, and I managed to get hold of one, which I ran off a LiveCD (and then a LiveUSB once they arrived) for the rest of the conference. Because of this, I should soon have a patch to convert Totem's UIManager stuff to GtkBuilder.

One of the highlights of the conference was the swag. I think I managed to get quite a lot, but other people still went away with more. The only stuff left at the end was the black T-shirts by Access, which didn't really look that nice. As someone said: If I want to be an advertisement, I want to at least be stylish.