'Allo 'Allo and Totem

After a slow start, my local drama group's production of 'Allo 'Allo turned out spectacularly well, but it's all over now, and I'm into exams.

My local drama group has been rehearsing its production of 'Allo 'Allo for the past few months, and, as usual, I've been doing the sound and lights.

There wasn't much to do in the sound department this time, apart from a distorted voice coming over a radio, for which I built a distortion and clipping box specially. Unfortunately, we had to scrap using it, as the person doing the voice couldn't hear himself come out of the speakers, and thus wasn't confident about whether it was working (which it was, but he couldn't know that every time).

The lighting was more interesting initially, as the plan was to split the stage into three distinct columns, and have the "scenelets" played out in different areas, with hard-edged lighting on them, and the rest of the stage in darkness. Unfortunately, when it came to the first rehearsal on the actual set, it was found that set changes with this setup took almost five minutes each, which was unacceptable. We then changed it so that most scenelets were in the middle of the stage, which skewed my lighting a bit, but it seemed to work.

As all three performances were completely sold out, we allowed people to come to the dress rehearsal (in return for a donation towards this year's charity). This performance wasn't bad by any account, but wasn't quite as polished as I believe our performance of such a great play should be. Thankfully, everything improved in the dress rehearsal, and by the second performance, everything was going rather nicely.

The final performance, however, was a tour de force, and possibly the best performance I've seen in my numerous years with the group. The audience were as good as one could hope for, laughing at everything and anything, and appreciating every joke to its fullest. The actors were full of energy (probably because it was the last night, and they knew there was a big party awaiting them afterwards), which showed in the performance.

So that's what I've spent the last few weeks doing, and now I'm diving headfirst into some pretty important exams, which are unfortunately going to occupy my life for the next month or so. :(

In the interim, my GNOME SVN commit account has been activated, and I made my first commit to Totem, which was a simple patch to clean up the po/POTFILES.skip file. Since then, I've committed a large patch to move the Totem "skip to" dialog to a plugin, which had been my main bit of Totem hacking for a few weeks. I'm quite pleased with it. :D