ocPortal 3 public beta out!

Well, we finally managed it. :) After months of work, we've let ocPortal 3 public beta 1 loose in the wild, for public beta testing.

It's been improved a lot from version 2; most notably with a new and even-more standards-compliant theme. Lots of new features (such as instant messaging, OcCLE, and improved statistics) have been added, standards verification and support has been improved no end, with ocPortal now optionally checking submitted content for standards compliance.

I probably haven't spent as much time working on it as I should've, and my work isn't half as far-reaching as Chris', but he's employing himself full-time to work on it, while I'm technically only an intern. :P However, I have designed and built the OcCLE system from the ground up, and it's a beauty (even if I do say so myself). It's certainly original (thanks to Chris and some alcohol for that).

If you've been reading the developer blog, you'll have seen all the posts in the May countdown, and have more of an idea about the features than I can write in this blog. Certainly worth a read. ;)

Enough of the marketing pitch, I hear you say! Why not download ocPortal 3 now, and give it a try? If you find any bugs (whether they be visual niggles, lacking documentation, or just plain old bugs), don't hesitate to report them to us. We want to make ocPortal the best! :D