Site update and CSS Naked Day

It might sound like rather an odd title, but I will be participating in CSS Naked Day on the fifth of April this year.

This basically involves cutting off the site from its protective stylesheets, so that people can experience the markup good and raw. Personally, I find this a great idea — this really fits in with my semantics (etc.) evangelism/fanboyism. This means that if you're on the site on the fifth of April, it will look somewhat different to what you might've been expecting. Nothing to worry about. ;)

In other news, I've pushed forward my latest update to the site so that I can do the Naked Day without much hassle. It includes semantics improvements, lots of new icons courtesy of (I'm using the "Silk" set), new search functionality (give it a try; it's on the left!), a projects page, and various usual under-the-bonnet improvements. :)