Some more changes...

This post was unfortunately deleted recently, but the general gist is here.

This post was a notification of the last load of updates to this website, now overwritten by the most recent load. It was unfortunately deleted as the result of a rather sticky accident, and cannot be retrieved.

3 thoughts on “Some more changes...

  1. Nathan Wong

    Nice changes...

    The "Intro" text is a bit small and hard to read though, and your syndication is bunked out as well.

    I gave up writing my own blog software, got some GPL stuff and am in the process of making a few of my own templates (It's fun for some reason)

  2. DrBob Post author

    Hey Nathan!

    Yeah. I'm aware of the errors on my blog. I'm trying to gather together some time to nuke them sometime.

    Taken a look at your site. Looks nice.

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