More updates, and an apology

As is plainly obvious from the renovated skin, I've made some more updates to my blog.

Due to a rather unfortunate accident which occurred over the weekend, the last version of this site was completely nuked from within – my Fasterfox extension was preloading links in the background, including the "delete" links for my blog posts. Rather...unfortunate.

Because of this, I've moved the schedule forward for this latest version of my blog, and uploaded it. Due to this updated schedule, I'm sure there are some unironed bugs, but they'll get stamped out as fast as possible.

The most prominent new feature would have to be the updated skin, but there is an awful lot of new Javascript in this incarnation, which is half-working, but I'm rather proud of it regardless.

6 thoughts on “More updates, and an apology

  1. Tom Jepp

    I find the new skin quite different, and to be honest, some of it is horrible!The popout menu on the right is irrating, and quite odd when you first notice it (I wondered where that menu had gone). There are too many thick lines everywhere, even in places where seperators make little sense, or just need to be smaller. Personally, I'm against the green too. It's just the wrong colour green for my tastes, and it looks extremely odd with the translucency.Nice touch with the artificial nasty though! :P"Green inputs are required. Red inputs contain invalid data. Inputs containing valid data are hidden on submission." - What is this for anyway? I've yet to see this appear anywhere, and Required inputs have an incredibly ugle REQUIRED graphic tiled behind them.

  2. Tom Jepp

    Plus, the way comments are submitted needs work - it seems to be incredibly slow and annoying over DSL - there is nothing obvious to tell you that your comment has been submitted, and the form just closes up. A simple piece of text could remedy this.

  3. Tom Jepp

    Oh, new lines don't appear if I enter one in this textbox either, it's quite fustrating to lay it out nicely, but then have it difficult to read afterwards.

  4. DrBob Post author

    As I said, it's been rushed out to fill a need.I'm well aware of the comment submission problem - they're being submitted through AJAX, but it's broken for some reason (API changes kill things like this) - I'm looking into it.The appearance changes you're hating are a completely personal thing, and I rather like them the way they are. It's my blog, so they stay. :P I thought green was a colour close to your heart, anyway? :PThe "Green inputs are required. Red inputs contain invalid data. Inputs containing valid data are hidden on submission." is for my new form validation script. It runs through the form inputs checking to see if they're filled in properly. Try submitting a form without something filled in correctly. ;)Newlines in comments is something I'm working on.

  5. Tom Jepp

    Also, lots of older comments are severely broken. Severely. They show up on the wrong posts, and even duplicates show.

  6. DrBob Post author

    They're not broken. The code that retrieves comments is broken, and that's something I hadn't noticed. Thank you for pointing this out. :)

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