Elite Force: Total Conversion

Well, since you can't see any recent blog posts, it's obvious that I've been busy! :P

For the past month I've been furiously coding for Elite Force: Total Conversion, and I can say that our code is taking shape. :D

I've coded most of the weapons and got them to a semblance of their final form. The pickups are just about all coded and working, and the useable pickups are currently under construction.

Our other fine coders have whipped up a nice everything-else, and we're nearing the time when we can say "Yah-boo. We've got a working game. :P"

On a side note, ocPortal 2.5 beta-testing is coming to an end, and it's looking good. :)

5 thoughts on “Elite Force: Total Conversion

  1. Nathan

    Great work on that mod, I'll be sure to download it when it's available :). Not that I was that great a fan of EF1/2, but I'm sure that this will be a amazing piece of work.

    I know that this is IE, but you do know that the register button is fecked don't you?

    1. Philip Withnall Post author

      I haven't tested this site much in IE (as it's plainly obvious that I despise that program :P), but I'll be sure to look into it.

      However, I'm currently working on an expanded and improved version of my blog software, so it might not get fixed before I change. However, I'll certainly make sure it works in the new version. ;)

  2. Tom Jepp

    There are more than a few bugs in the display of this blog, such as the post comment box breaking when you click post.

    1. Philip Withnall Post author

      Well, for one thing, Creative Commons is a content license, not blog software. For another thing, I'm not going to use somebody else's inflexible software for my website, when I can just as easily code my own one. Alright, it may have some bugs at the moment, but they get fixed. WordPress has bugs too.

      From the Creative Commons website:

      Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization offering a flexible copyright for creative work.

      Grow up.

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